Do they make us do it?

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What is consciousness? What is now? What is then? and What is still to come?

Jake Gyllenhaal as Donnie in Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko

If we can see the past in our minds can we also see the future?

If the future is not set and there are many alternate possibilities, perhaps infinite, how do we see this future?

In dreams? Recurring Dreams? In visions? As feelings? When drunk? When high? Under hypnosis? During bouts of “mental illness”? All around us in the “super-reality”?

How far ahead can we see? Seconds? Days? Years? All of them? Simultaneously?

Who can see? Is it only the few? Or are we all capable if we choose to look without fear?

And if we can see, can we change what we believe or are told might be coming by the choices that we make?

Scene from Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko

Unlike the past which becomes memory and experience once we choose to travel through that particular channel the future’s possibilities are a blur, they overlap, they diverge and converge, misguide and deceive only achieving sharp focus in the moment, and then gone, the decision made, they are instantly past at light speed.

What if we could Master these channels? Moving freely forward and back, trying out different time lines and possibilities, experiences, lives even?

What then?

Is this in fact already the case?

Are we then still as Men or is this to adjoin with God?

Scene from Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko asks all the questions, but if we are to provide the answers we must stop doing what THEY make us do?

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Donnie Darko (2001) – Directed by Richard Kelly.

Images courtesy of Pandora Cinema.

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